Practitioner Cautions and General Information

Before you offer cupping to your clients, you should make sure to receive the proper training.

It takes time and practice to administer any modality correctly.

Cupping is one of the most powerful treatment techniques, and it is very easy to administer. This is both a blessing and a curse. Anything that has the power to make that kind of positive change almost definitely has the power to cause harm if not properly handled.

If you ever are wondering if your suction is too tight, IT IS.

If in doubt, go lighter!!!

Make sure to check with your licensing and registration board to confirm if cupping is within your scope of practice or if there are any restrictions. Some boards only accept plastic and silicone cups, some accept fire cupping with glass cups. It is also important that you check with your licensing body to utilize proper cleaning procedures. It is important to understand the levels of cleaning and disinfection, and more information is available from the CDC.

Some jurisdictions restrict practitioner's use of certain types of tools, especially if they use any kind of mechanical device. Cupping is a simple yet powerful form of alternative healing. If performed correctly it can be a wonderful form of complementary therapy. If done incorrectly it can at the least be ineffective or, worse, it can cause negative results. Make sure to receive proper training before using it on your clients.

In order to complete this course, you will need cups to practice with. We recommend silicone cups to start, as you practice you may find that you need more. Typically we recommend you have at least two sizes of cups, a mini elongated and an elongated facial cup. A bulb cup is also nice to have, but not necessary.

If you expect to do a lot of facial cupping, you may choose to invest in glass facial cups. Cleaning silicone cups is exactly the same as glass cups, except with glass cups, the little bulb should come off.

Each person will have their preferences, so this is merely a suggestion.

Following is a link where you can purchase cups:

Don't forget to make sure that you have a clean surface available to place your cups on such as a towel, or paper towel. Your hands should be clean and dry. If you have any hangnails or sores on your skin, wear gloves.

Also, make sure that your clients face is clean and free from makeup, and that their hair is properly tied back.