An Overview of Facial Cupping

This facial cupping masterclass is an expansion of the course materials that are taught in the second day of our live training, Cupping for Manual Therapists.

For most of you this will be brand new material, and that is not a problem whatsoever. This class will provide you with the tools that you need to provide a safe, comfortable, and effective facial cupping treatment.

This is a good time to discuss the scope of this training. Although there are many techniques discussed and demonstrated in the videos, please be aware that this is not a course to train you on these pathologies. If you are not trained in anatomy and physiology then I suggest that you refer any pathological conditions to an appropriately trained health care professional.

The way that we teach facial cupping is very safe and comfortable, and it is important to remember one thing KEEP THE CUPS MOVING AT ALL TIMES. Some people bruise very easily, and the last thing that we want to do is to mark our clients. Also, be sure to support and anchor the tissues when moving the cups so that the skin does not pull. The skin on the face is very delicate, and we want to avoid causing damage.

Please complete all of the lectures, tests and videos before starting to practice on the public. If you are new to cupping, you should be prepared to perform 20 cupping treatments on yourself or others before you begin charging clients for it.

We have an area where you can post comments and questions, if you need support. If you find a video is not working, please contact Teachable support.

In all of my teachings, I discuss the power of intent. Even though this is not officially an energy therapy course, I put a strong emphasis on the potential of setting our intentions before the beginning of the treatment. I believe that we must always be addressing another person with the intention of 'do no harm'. With this intention made strongly and clearly in our own minds, the subconscious mind will send us a message if we are about to perform an activity that is not in line with this intention. In order to become more able to perceive these signals, it is recommended that practitioners take a quiet moment before each session, to reflect and set the intention of the treatment.

One thing that needs to be re-iterated here and throughout the course, is that cups need to keep moving on the face. Unless you are certain that your client is not going to mark, please make sure you keep the cups moving.